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Caribbean Marine and P&I Services Limited was founded in 1994 as Caribbean Inspection Company Ltd (Carinco). The company was re-formed as Mariserve Jamaica Ltd in 1998. The company was fully restructured and re-named Caribbean Marine and P&I Services Ltd in 2001 to reflect the significant growth, the expansion of services, and the expanded areas and territories served by the company. The Company has now established a headquarters office in Florida, USA, under the name Caribbean Marine and P&I (USA) Inc.

The area in which our services are offered has grown substantially to now cover the whole Caribbean Region, but the quality and type of services remains at the highest level, serviced by highly qualified marine professionals in various Caribbean locations, with central communications being directed through the headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida or the Kingston Jamaica office.

CariMar, through strategic agreements, service contracts, and formal alliances, commands a staff of twenty two (22) consulting surveyors in ten (10) strategic countries of the Caribbean-: Jamaica; Venezuela; Dominican Republic; St Maarten (Includes N.E. Caribbean); Martinique (French West Indies); Trinidad; Guyana (Includes Suriname); Curacao; Puerto Rico; Barbados; enabling services to be offered anywhere in the Caribbean Region from any of these locations.

Caribbean Marine in Kingston operates as an autonomous office for the Jamaica operations. This office is appointed as P&I correspondents for several P&I clubs for all ports in Jamaica. When requested, Kingston also provides coordination of activities by any of the network surveyors. The headquarters in Florida overseas and directs operations of the entire network throughout the Caribbean, acting as a single source communications center and coordinator on behalf of established and new clients. The HQ provides executive overview of the operations in Jamaica, and provides direct technical and administrative assistance when required.

The HQ office is also able to provide our full services anywhere required on a year round 24 hour basis. The HQ also has associations with other fully qualified surveyors in South Florida who act under our direction. This means the full services clients are familiar with are available from HQ or Jamaica. Either the Florida HQ or Jamaica offices may be contacted for assistance when required.

CariMar acts as the regional survey coordinator for the Dutch Shipping Line, Spliethoff B. V. for many ports of call throughout the Region. CariMar is also the regional coordinator in Jamaica, Trinidad, Guyana, Martinique, Dutch West Indies and Dominican Republic, for container surveys on behalf of ICSB - B. V. (International Container Survey Buro) a global company headquarted in Rotterdam.

CariMar is committed to providing the highest quality marine surveys, services, advice, and experience in all maritime matters dealing with the transport of cargoes and people by sea.