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Locations, Territory Covered, Surveyors

Covers all ports of the island. Also undertake surveys in Cuba, Cayman Islands, Central America, and provide services throughout the remaining Caribbean, or South America, on demand.
British 1st class Marine Engineer, C.Eng, CNI, CET;
Home trade Master Mariner, B.Sc.;
Home Trade Master Mariner Endorsement

Dominican Republic
Covers Dominican Republic and Haiti. Also undertake surveys in Puerto Rico, if requested.
British, 1st class Master Mariner and Salvage Master;
Two surveyors, IICL certified for all types container surveys; experienced cargo surveyors.

Covers the entire island, including Port of Spain, Point Lisas, San Fernando, and all out ports around the island.
Also undertake surveys in Venezuela, St Vincent and the Grenadines.
Two (2) 1st class Marine Engineer,
Master Mariner.

Martinique (French West Indies)
Covers all ports of the French West Indies, Martinique, Guadeloupe, plus Dominica, St Lucia, St. Kitts and Nevis.
One of the surveyors possesses a private pilot's license and can hire an airplane when a commercial airline is not available, to immediately travel to any location from St Eustatius in the North to Grenada in the South.
Two Surveyors:
French Navy Lt. Cmdr-Eng (Retired), private aircraft pilot license.
Master Mariner

St Maarten (Netherlands Antilles)
All ports of the Netherlands Antilles, plus St Eustatius (Oil Terminal), and all of the smaller islands of the North East area of the Leeward Islands
Dutch Master Mariner. (Tanker experience)
Dutch Professional Engineer

All ports and terminals, including ports on Orinoco river
1st class engineer (British)
Master Mariner (British)

All ports of Guyana and Suriname, plus ports on Orinoco river in Venezuela.
Two Surveyors:
Master mariner;
1st class engineer

Ports of Curacao, Aruba, Bonaire.
One Surveyor:
Master mariner (Tanker experience) (British)

Puerto Rico
All ports
Three surveyors:
US navy Lt Cmdr (Eng) retired
Two (2) IICL container inspectors, cargo surveyors, marine inspectors

All ports
Two surveyors
2nd class engineer
IICL qualified container and cargo surveyor